About Our Club

Tri-M/Forte is a volunteer club that focuses on giving back to the community through our passion for music. This year, join us to play in virtual performances, teach younger music students, take part in interactive socials, and more!


We will be hosting general meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every month at lunch (12pm). 

Click this link to join the Zoom meeting:


Forte is open to any music enthusiast at Homestead, without any requirements or restrictions! However, members can be inducted into Tri-M National Music Honor Society if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • You must be in 10th grade and above, and you must be enrolled in a performance-based music class at Homestead.

  • You must complete 5 volunteer hours by the end of the school year, with at least 2 hours finished by the end of first semester. (Updated from the usual 7 hour requirement)

  • You must attend all general meetings or email us at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend a meeting. If you miss consecutive meetings, the officer team will contact you for further action.

If you complete 2+ years of club membership, you will be eligible for an NMHS cord at graduation. One year of membership must be during your senior year.  

Learn more about our projects and events throughout the year:

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Performance Events

HHS Tri-M/Forte holds various performance events throughout the school year.  We host on-campus and off-site performance events where club members can share their talent with an audience at select venues. Past events include senior home performances, Human Jukebox during lunch, and district-wide collaboration concerts.

With the Notelove program, club members provide free music lessons to kids who live in lower-income areas of Silicon Valley. Click the linked title to visit Notelove's official website and learn more about their program!


Senior Isolation Sidekicks

Senior Isolation Sidekicks aims to connect seniors to the community during COVID through technology. Volunteer in 30 minutes phone or video call time slots with them to show off your musical talent!

Project Virtuoso

Project Virtuoso is a year-round volunteer opportunity that offers members the chance to teach beginner musicians at local elementary and middle schools (Cherry Chase Elementary, Cumberland Elementary, Cupertino Middle, and more).

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Project United Sound

Project United Sound is another one of our year-round teaching event. Club members are paired with a student from Homestead's Special Ed. department. Together, members will teach the student how to read music, play the instrument of their choice, and perform in an ensemble.